• Men's work safety boots
  • Men's work safety boots
  • Men's work safety boots

Men's work safety boots

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The instruction of mens work safety boots is PU injection. The sole and upper do not separate easily. So it is more durable. The sole is made of double density PU.  The midsole and outsole are made of diffent density PU. It has some excellent benefits that single density does not have.  It can be made of two colors(outsole one color, midsole the other color),making the whole shoe look more better. Normally the outsole is made of low density, so it provides a high abrasion working surface. And the midsole is made of high density PU, so the soft PU midsole provides good impact absorption and wearing comfort. Whether you are standing, moving or walking, the main stressed area for single density outsole is the whole outsole; but for dual density outsole, the soft PU midsole can share the stress, folding capability of outsole is improved, so the shoes are more durable. Also we can offer very competitive prices. Because of these advantage, the mens work safety boots are very popular with customers. The work safety boots are exported a high container every month.

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