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How to distinguish between real and fake military boots

  • Tuesday, 20 November 2018
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How to distinguish between real and fake military boots

Since the early 1990s, military boots have become the fashion of our young people.At present, many military fans in China are proud to own a pair of military boots equipped by the PLA.However, there is a lot of learning here.Here is a brief introduction to some of the true and false military boot identification knowledge.

True or false can be divided into two meanings. First, it refers to the distinction between military and civilian versions of military or civilian versions, or between military and commercial versions.Second, the original factory and the distinction between fake and inferior.Here, the main military, civilian products to the distinction made.

A pair of military boots, called military or standard, should meet the following conditions:

(1) manufactured by regular military enterprises or designated units of the military;

(2) the product quality and performance meet the military standard and pass the inspection;

(3) it is circulated through the formal military support system and officially distributed to the active army.

Meet the first two, can be called military goods;If all three items are in conformity, then they can be called standard products. If only the first item is satisfied and the second or third item is not satisfied, they can be called civil products.And 3 not satisfied, it is pure fake, or "imitation".From outside looking, the method of distinguishing army boot, army shoe is: the army sends out army boot, leather shoes, stitching line is exposed directly in sole, in technical term, call "bright bottom".Take officer leather shoes for example, in 1987, after the general army needs department designed type 87 officer leather shoes, according to sgb2-102-87 standard, its appearance style is still three-joint, adopting adhesive and stitching structure, the upper is chrome tanned black cattle front leather, the outsole is flat vulcanized rubber sole, with the form of stitching and the pattern is intersected.

After the factory is made into finished products, the quality of finished shoes should be inspected, and only those who conform to the standards can be issued. Substandard shoes that do not conform to the standards are sold to the society as civilian products.In addition, the outsole of military shoes also has strict requirements on materials: the outsole of genuine military shoes is natural rubber, containing no less than 38 % of rubber.The outsole of military and most civilian shoes is mainly recycled rubber, containing only about 15~20% of rubber.Take the common strongman Marine boots as an example, the soles of the boots are rotated in the high-speed polishing machine. If the hand feeling is sluggish and the dust is less, it can be judged as the military version.If the handle is smooth, and the dust is large, it can be determined as a civilian product.

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