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How to Identification Of The Quality Of Work Boot

  • Monday, 29 October 2018
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Identification method
Identification of the quality of boots is good or bad, from the appearance and internal indicators need to focus on both. As the internal indicators often need to rely on the detection equipment, for a consumer, from the appearance of the quality of boots to identify more practical significance. From the appearance, mainly through the boots of the material (including the upper, soles, shoes) quality and workmanship to identify the quality of both good and bad boots. Size can be measured, the process to visual, hand touch, pinch, push the main.
1. Uppers
The upper is one of the main components of the shoe. For smooth shoes, to see whether it is soft and plump, hand press the upper, whether there is loosening phenomenon, a good upper should be full of soft, feel comfortable, shiny uniform, no loosening phenomenon. On the suede shoes uppers, should pay attention to check the villi is short and uniform, the tone should be consistent. The shoe is part of the upper, it is to reinforce the upper, to prevent the extension of the upper deformation and improve the use of foot feeling. So, good shoes in the material (such as leather shoes) should have a good touch, breathability and moisture, and easy to decolorize. In the sewing, the shoes should not have wrinkles and fat side.
2. insole
The usual men's shoes are covered with a half pad or heel pad. Women's shoes cover the whole pad with the bottom. The insoles have the effect of keeping the shoe insole clean, covering the insole's unevenness to improve the foot feel. Therefore, the insole should have a good suction, moisture. In the workmanship, insoles should be flat to adhere to the insole, can not have the phenomenon of floating folds.
3. Outsole
From the appearance point of view, the combination of the outer bottom of the state should be closely bonded without gaps, the bottom should be flat.
4. Heel

Whether it is low or high heel, first of all to see if the match with the shoes are naturally flush. For semi-high-heeled women's shoes. The following two points are more important: First, the heel should be filled with the same in the end. Before and after the swing should not be shaking; Second, the palm should not be less than the bottom of the heel.
5. Insole
On the one hand, look at the insole material, preferably leather. On the other hand, to hand tightly press the waist, the equivalent of the part of the instep when the shoes, the wire is not moving better. In the role of this force, such as shoes along the mouth of a deformation, indicating that the quality of the shoes in question.
6. stability
The shoes on the plane, the shoes should be static still, so that the shoes for the stability of good, this is one of the basic conditions of quality shoes.

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